Taylor Aguilar picture
Taylor Aguilar
Mikayla Tarkington picture
Mikayla Tarkington
Bryana Herrera picture
Bryana Herrera
Vice President
Isabella Castro picture
Isabella Castro
Maricela Valadez picture
Maricela Valadez
Caddo Lowery picture
Caddo Lowery
Member Educator
01/20/2017 Fortner picture
01/20/2017 Fortner
Panhellenic Delegate
Lacie Thomas picture
Lacie Thomas
Personnel Chair
Tori Jackson picture
Tori Jackson
Recruitment Chair
Hana Ahmed picture
Hana Ahmed
Director of Career Development
Molly Edwards picture
Molly Edwards
Director of Campus Activities
Shelby Cross picture
Shelby Cross
Director of Friendship/Social
Maricela Valadez picture
Maricela Valadez
Director of Programming
Breese Jones picture
Breese Jones
Director of Sisterhood
Christina Gu picture
Christina Gu
Foundation Ambassador
Caitlyn Walker picture
Caitlyn Walker
Facility Manager
Jenny Beck picture
Jenny Beck
Career/Personal Development Advisor
Jenny Beck picture
Jenny Beck
Campus Activities Advisor
Julie Linck picture
Julie Linck
Ritual Advisor
Colleen Young picture
Colleen Young
Financial Advisor
Jenny Beck picture
Jenny Beck
Forms and Records Advisor
Lauren Hall picture
Lauren Hall
New Member Advisor
Shannon Hunsuck picture
Shannon Hunsuck
New Member Advisor
Beth Shields picture
Beth Shields
Panhellenic Advisor
Julie White picture
Julie White
Personnel Advisor
Jordan Northcutt picture
Jordan Northcutt
Recruitment Advisor
Kasie Bratton picture
Kasie Bratton
Recruitment Advisor
Libby Byrd picture
Libby Byrd
Sisterhood Advisor
Amanda Day picture
Amanda Day
Scholarship Advisor